Jessica Mitchell

Health and Lifestyle Coach

I’m very passionate about helping women make the mindset shifts and lifestyle changes needed that go far beyond diet and exercise so that they are able to enjoy a true long-term transformation. It’s time to Level Up your health!

Jessica Mitchell

Certified Health & Lifestyle Coach

1: 1 Coaching

As your Coach, I will use a very individualized approach to empower you to implement various strategies that have been demonstrated to be effective in the realm of chronic lifestyle disease management and prevention, weight loss and necessary mindset shifts to help you achieve lasting results.

90-Minute Strategy Session or

EFT Tapping Session $197

Start your journey towards success with a 90 Minute Intensive Session where based on your individual circumstance and goals, we will develop a personalized strategy to get you "unstuck" so that your actions can be in alignment with your goals.

Lifestyle Reset for Women

Membership and Community

Still can't find a longterm solution to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C or lose weight without restricting and feeling overwhelmed? This community will provide the guidance, accountability and support to help you reach your health goals without strict dieting.

Free Workshop

Stop Dieting To Embrace Wellness:

Your Roadmap to Sustainable Health

Are you sick of diets that either never get you to your goal weight or don't that don't support longterm results? There's a specific set of strategies that I share to get you on the path to sustainable health.


I’m Jessica, a certified health and lifestyle coach based in the U.S.

I’m also the Founder and CEO of Level Up Health Coaching LLC which helps women manage chronic lifestyle diseases by implementing strategic behaviors that also include consistency and having accountability. I’m very passionate about helping women go well beyond diet and exercise to be able to enjoy an entire health transformation with lasting results. It’s time to Level Up your health!


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With mindset and lifestyle changes, chronic lifestyle disease management won’t just be just for a season. We love health transformations, physical and mental, that last a lifetime. See what my clients say!