You've done every diet and exercise plan in the world, but...

Still can't find a longterm solution to lower your blood pressure, cholesterol and A1C or lose weight without restricting and feeling overwhelmed?

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  • Get A step-by-step process every midlife woman should be using to fight lifestyle diseases, everything from High Blood Pressure to Obesity.

  • A deep understanding of the role of the mind-body connection that is keeping you from reaching your health goals.

  • Shift how you view your body and your health so that you can see your beauty at each phase of your journey.

  • Freedom from the obsession of always having to be "on a diet" just to see results.

  • Leaving the limiting beliefs, diet mentality and affects of environment and culture behind so that you can experience a true health transformation

  • This is not just about 'diet and exercise'. This is about real change, a lifestyle change that's sustainable but without the overwhelm.

  • Taking the good habits you've learned through the years and getting into a solid routine with accountability and the support of community so that all your hard work is not lost.


T. Johnson

The thing I’ve enjoyed about my coaching with Jessica. I went into it as a way to lose weight and keep it off, but I’ve learned it’s more than that. Jessica has coached me also on how to tap into myself – how to truly love myself through self-reflection, self-examination, self-care, mental wellbeing. I NEVER knew how all of this has such a great impact on maintaining my weight. I’m grateful for my coach.


F. Allen

Working with Jessica helped me change my mindset and build self-esteem. The EFT Tapping was very helpful in working through the hard stuff. I've also improved my health. I feel so much better and with the weight loss, I've also come off 5 medications (down to 1/2 a prescription and vitamins. Jessica is kind and supportive. The best #1 Coach.


J. Lovett

About 8 years ago I started participating in Jessica’s Health Challenges and then she became my Health Coach. I learned so many things from working with her, so many healthy habits that I still do to this day. One habit I learned is the importance of proper hydration and how that affects my overall health. These days, people even call me the “water police.”

And I know it can be scary, wondering if women actually get results:

There is no contract and you can cancel at anytime